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 The Bartow County School System and the Law
The story:

• Bartow County Board of Education-Post 5 Board Member Larry Parker submitted his resignation December 12, 2011, effective December 31, 2011.
• February 6, 2012: Ms. Anna Sullivan was appointed to the Post 5 seat by the unanimous vote of the Bartow County Board of Education.
• Friday, March 16, 2012: Ms. Tammy Farr brought a local law requiring a special election to fill board vacancies to the attention of Elections Supervisor Joseph Kirk (HB 623, 2003)
• Monday, March 19, 2012: Mr. Ronnie Farr spoke at the school board meeting about the proposed tax increase and also read the text of HB 623 to the board. The Daily Tribune only reported on his remarks about the tax increase.
• Monday, March 26, 2012: released a story questioning the validity of the appointment. After seeing a few facebook news outlet reports basically calling the “rumor” false, released further information in the form of the text of a state law and the local law explaining the issue, as well as the information that Sen. Loudermilk had talked to the Attorney General’s office and that their opinion was that a special election had to be held to fill the position.
• Monday, April 9, 2012: The Bartow County Board of Elections scheduled a special election to fill the Post 5 seat to coincide with the July 31, 2012, Primary Election.
• Monday, April 16, 2012: Bartow County residents Gail Engelhardt and Rob Adkerson (who resides in Post 5) addressed the school board asking the board to follow the law.  Ms. Anna Sullivan still remained on the school board. Mr. Boyd Pettit told several concerned residents that the law has been amended.
• Tuesday, April 17, 2012: received word from the Georgia General Assembly’s legislative counsel that its understanding of the laws is correct. The Bartow County Board of Education must fill vacancies by election, not appointment, and the 2003 law has not been amended.
• April 28, 2012: County Committee of the Bartow County Republican Party issued resolution asking the school board to follow the law.
• May 21, 2012:’s Michael Huneke spoke to the school board about this issue. Text of remarks; video
• June 7, 2012: Bartow residents Gail Engelhardt and Paul Nally filed suit to make board appointment void.
• June 13, 2012: Judge David Smith ruled case on Post 5 appointment can proceed

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Documents from story:  State Law       Local Law      Board Agenda from February  6, 2012      Board Minutes from February 6, 2012
 If you would like your voice heard on this issue, contact the board and Dr. Harper:

Post 1, John Howard:
Post 2, Davis Nelson:
Post 3, Angie Cornett:
Post 4, Wanda Cagle Gray:
** Post 5, appointed member, Anna Sullivan:
Superintendent John Harper: responds to Dr. Davis Nelson's statement on the board appointment.